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   Between Japan and China, presently a touch prompt problem has and has risen. It is the opposition which is related to the gas field development of Dong Hai. The Chinese side has embarked on part development with the intermediate line. We would like to assure the problem solving with cooperation development as the Japanese side, but it is the circumstance which does not permit prediction. Reply of the Chinese side was carried over in conference of Bureau Chief class of the next October middle. The Chinese energy consumption has traced the course of rapid increase. Presently, the petroleum consumption is the worldwide 2nd rank which it comes after America. Military affair, the Chinese petroleum which is even the view which has become diplomacy and the inside and outside one body America is forming the opposition axis entirely. The purchase play of the American major petroleum company ユノカル, military aid of 10 hundred million dollars to military affair dictatorial Myanmar which is criticized internationally and the liquefied natural gas development agreement with Iran of nuclear development inclination, that close like whether it symbolizes of, opposition to the thing to which the Iranian nuclear problem is recorded before the United Nations Security Council on the 俎, with entirely it has gone away from international cooperation. This July, as for red Rear Admiral who is the spokesman of the Chinese people liberation army, in interview with the English paper the speech that " to America with the nuclear weapon opposition is formed ", is new in memory. (The 胡 brocade 濤 of the toward America cooperation route the paste putting out as for until you say, is not in control). The country to which China buys the petroleum, forms financial assistance Sudan, Venezuela, Iran, Myanmar and Zinbabwe, the just country where each of them is far from democracy system. American center is seen even from such a place it entered to the aspect of difficult opposition. If (China which in the conventional weapon still is not the American enemy) you do not stop the development behavior at the waters where assistant theory China is in the midst of disputing, it is seen it does not appear in the conduct which is directed to prospecting as the Japanese side you do not obtain. In reality, the Japanese government in July of this year permitted prospecting right setting in the Teikoku Oil Co., Ltd..