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if the news 8/27
1970 years you say without theさ り げ it is percentage stomach suicide at the Self Defense Force camp of the writer Mishima reason period husband. It seems that the release where recent times, novel " grieving of the person who serves Mishima reason period husband production, supervision and the leading part 國 " with the film of the same name is discovered, includes DVD conversion is decided. There are no lines altogether and while music of the ワーグナー flows, you say the percentage stomach scene is drawn. If another 1970 years you say, it is the Osaka international exposition. Entrance regretting in Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Sakai house which somewhat is the assistant manager of 4th year thickly it was one produce. It was the very important event which appealed that Japan had become modern industrial society the inside and outside. This same year, Mishima lectured taking measures of self-defense for the be close to soldier thousand to before. " Japan omit reality in economic prosperity, became mentally the empty っ ぽ, it is is, you and others, is that recognized?".